MG Visual Studios, LLC, provides graphic advertisements and other material for businesses, organizations, and more. The most recent addition to his company is video advertisements as well. MG Visual Studios also helps implement marketing and advertising strategies for programs, maintain promotional materials, maintain databases, and prepare reports.





Milton Gore was raised in North Carolina and is a current graduate student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, focusing on Student Affairs. When he was younger, he realized his passion for art and a hard work ethic. After high school, Milton attended Brunswick Community College, where he attained his Associated degree in Fine Arts.


For the second half of his undergraduate career, Milton attended the University of North Carolina Pembroke, where he studied Digital Arts with a secondary Drawing concentration. He specializes in graphic material for branding purposes and photorealism human portrait drawings. He has mastered portraits with subjects being musicians, public leaders, black history icons, sports icons, and others that have positively impacted our society.


In 2013, Milton founded a graphic design company called

MG Visual Studios, LLC.